Suspension Manual, Chapter 3: the monoshock

After covering the topics of preloading and the fork, this third part of our setup manual focuses on the rear suspension of our Aprilia bikes. While the behaviour of the front suspension has a big influence on the delicate feeling between rider and handlebars, the rear one is no less, because it is here that all the “cavalry” of our powerful engines has to pass through to be discharged to the ground in the most effective way.
Moreover, not only do the stability, agility and comfort of the bike depend on the good functioning of the rear suspension, but also the more or less regular wear on the rear tyre.

When you decide to work with the settings of the suspension system, always do so after a careful reading of the Owner’s Manual, which in the case of our Aprilia bikes dispenses a lot of valuable information, differentiating between road and track use. Another important recommendation is to always note down whatever changes you are making so that you can always go back without getting lost between the clicks of the adjusters. And finally, our first advice is always to consult an expert at an authorized Aprilia workshop

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