Lorenzo Savadori: train at home like a pro!

Even in the midst of self-isolation, Lorenzo Savadori never loses heart, and above all never loses his determination to train both physically and mentally. To him, every free day, hour and minute can be used to stay fit and improve his shape so he can be even more competitive and dynamic in facing his challenges, having just been named test rider of the Aprilia Racing Team MotoGP and rider in the Italian Superbike Championship (CIV) astride the Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory, with the support of the Nuova M2 team.

As if the situation wasn’t already odd in itself, our “Sava” had just moved when the “curfew” became effective, and he found himself alone at home with very few training tools.
With ingenuity and determination, he immediately drew up an at-home workout plan together with his trainers. He decided to share a glimpse of his average training day with us community members, thinking about the many of us who find themselves in a similar situation and want to stay in shape like true racers, even without his competitive aspirations!

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