First aid for racers

When we pull down the visor and engage first gear, it’s as if we were connecting to our very own personal Matrix: a free zone suspended between zen-like calm and pure adrenaline. We wouldn’t want anything in the world to ruin this perfect storm, and yet – no one knows this better – we bikers are amongst the most exposed users of the road!

The last thing we want is to get on the saddle thinking that we’re about to run into a problem, quite the contrary! But we believe that knowing some basic notions can make the difference between being powerless spectators of an unpleasant event involving one of our fellow racers and being part of the solution.

There’s one more fundamental aspect to consider: it’s extremely important to know what to do but also what not to do. Those of us who don’t have specific medical training should always remember that, without the knowledge of some important guidelines, too much zeal combined with too little information on the subject can aggravate an already vulnerable situation.

There are many good reasons to read our simple tutorial, created in collaboration with the expert Diego Calzolari, a nurse, CPR instructor, and driving instructor certified by the Italian Motorcycle Federation

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