European adrenaline tour: emotions beyond the bike!

After months spent dreaming of leans flush with the asphalt and throttles open all the way, we can finally jump on the saddle again and enjoy the pleasure of the road running under the wheels of our Aprilia. It’s been a long year, and without a doubt one of the things we’ve missed the most is the feeling of our heart pumping wildly in our chests with excitement. Now that it seems possible to go on the road again and cities and attractions are starting to reopen all over Europe, it’s really time to don our suits and helmets and let the engine roar. But we adrenaline junkies have to make up for all the time we’ve been in hibernation, so what could be better than dreaming of a hypothetical European tour astride our Aprilias to discover and try out the most adrenaline-pumping experiences the Old Continent has to offer? 

From one country to another, you’re spoiled for the choice, you just need to choose your favourite element: water, air and earth are ready to launch their challenges!
Hold on tight, the European adrenaline tour by #bearacer club is about to begin…

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