Deserts on your bike? Yes, even in Europe!

There’s a name that’s making its way powerfully not only among us racers but through the entire motorcycling community, a name that instantly calls to mind adventure, escapism and challenge to the most arid and evocative natural environments. That name – you already know it – is Tuareg.

It will take a few more months of waiting before we can get on the saddle of the Aprilia Tuareg 660 to escape towards new frontiers of adventure, but nothing prevents us from starting to do so right away with our imagination, and what better destination than a desert to dream of riding the new bike from Noale?
Want to know the coolest part? To reach these locations, you won’t have to aim for the Sahara or South America, retracing the route of the legendary Aprilia expeditions to the Dakar Rally. The allure of desert areas can be found within reach of a few tanksful of petrol, inside the borders of Europe

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