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RS 660 Trofeo: the evil twin!

Admit it, there’s a biker friend of yours who still doubts that the RS 660 was born with all the chromosomes of Aprilia’s sporting DNA. Don’t waste your breath, Aprilia Racing will take care of clarifying the concept once and for all, bringing to life to its evil twin: the RS 660 Trofeo!

The idea is simple: add the sporting experience of Aprilia Racing and 54 world titles to the technical base of this revolutionary bike made in Noale. The result? A track-ready RS 660 dedicated to all those who think first and foremost about having fun between the kerbs and – why not? – who can’t wait to take it to the top in a race!

No magic here, just the work of the Noale Racing Department, which got its hands on the already excellent RS 660 road bike in a targeted way to sharpen its claws and fangs. The technician dedicated to this setup is Fausto Colombo, an old acquaintance of the community who, with steady hands and a keen brain, has brought to life – among many other projects – some of the most incredible Aprilias we’ve ever seen, like the RSV4 X and Tuono V4 X

We asked him to tell us all the secrets of the RS 660 Trofeo to understand how different and how similar the twins are…

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