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All about the 2021 RS 660 Trofeo!

2021 is an exceptional year for the Aprilia School of Champions; this is the season of the second important step of its rebirth: the Aprilia RS 660 Trofeo!

With the calendar in full swing, we asked Giacomo Moresco of BK Corse, organiser of the Trofeo, to answer all our questions!

What is the Aprilia Racing RS 660 Trofeo?
“It’s the brand new series of motorsport competitions branded Aprilia and BK Corse with the RS 660 as the absolute protagonistsix races, all within the prestigious framework of the CIV (Italian Speed Championship).
The Trofeo originated from a simple idea: to join this revolutionary bike with 100% Aprilia DNA with the positive experience undertaken with the Aprilia Sport Production project, to create a brand new competition on the Italian two-wheel panorama and to pursue a complete growth path, starting with the youngest riders and ending with the MotoGP.”

Who are the participants and how does the format work?
Kicking off in May 2021, the Aprilia Racing RS 660 Trofeo hosts riders aged 15 and older and a maximum of 42 bikes on the starting grid. The goal is to guarantee the maximum balance in order to allow pure talent to emerge.
All the RS 660s, in fact, are identical, supplied race-ready by BK Corse and they cannot be modified in any way. Some of them are managed directly by the organisation – via an all-inclusive package where the riders just have to show up at the circuit to race, with the bikes assigned by drawing lots stage by stage…

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