Tuareg 660: first contact!

We’re already on the third chapter of the Aprilia 660 revolution, but this is one of the ones that our community has been waiting for the longest: the new generation of Tuareg is coming!

RS 660 and Tuono 660 have already rewritten all the rules of the asphalt, and now the Noale brand is preparing to do the same in the off-road segment with Tuareg 660: the most advanced concept of adventure riding according to Aprilia.

For those who love the history of Aprilia and motorcycling in general, “Tuareg” is much more than a simple naming. It’s the title of a saga that started in the ‘80s and created a bridge between the factory in northern Italy and the dunes of the Sahara. A legend capable of making an entire generation of riders dream of the adventure of the Dakar and the great African rallies.  

The Tuareg 660 captures the legacy of this legend, combining it with the exceptional qualities that have made the Aprilia 660 platform so successful, to offer us a new, more exciting and sportier form of adventouring.

The anticipation is sky-high, and the path that will lead us to see it at the dealers and to ride it is just beginning, but once again we make a promise: we of the community will always be one step ahead of everyone else in finding out everything there is to know about the new Aprilia Tuareg 660!

To get off to a good start, we’ve chosen to focus on 5 key aspects of the Tuareg 660, starting to delve into them with the first technical info…

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