RS 660: Ask us anything!

The new beast from Noale, RS 660, is arriving, and our curiosity is approaching the limiter!

Before and more than any other bikers, we members of the community have asked ourselves an endless series of questions on how it was designedwhat it looks like, and what it will be like to drive it on the road and on the track. We already tried to answer some of these “mysteries” in our first two specials with Diego Arioli – Product Marketing Manager Aprilia – and Mauro Salvador, Performance Engineering Manager and “chief tester” of the RS 660. Other questions were answered in part by the many articles in the trade press.
At this point, instead of racking our brains over what is still unexplored that teases the eager minds of the members of #bearacer club, we thought: why not let the community ask the questions about the RS 660 directly and then submit them to the most qualified people at Aprilia to answer them?

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