Desert Tips: what to take to the dunes with you riding the Tuareg 660

Let’s imagine we pick up and go on an adventure going through the sandy dunes of a real desert, with only our Aprilia Tuareg 660 and wanting to explore the sea of sand under our knobby tyres… An experience like this can surely offer some of the most intense emotions that can be experienced on a motorbike, but don’t dare underestimate the risks of a feat so trying in many respects.

This is why here at #bearacer club we have devised a mini guide suitable for everyone and always valuable for those of us who decide to approach the exploration of desert environments. Here are our “Desert Tips”: practical advice on how to face up to our first leg of desert, to forestall unexpected occurrences and be able to enjoy only the thousand almost ancestral sensations that will assail us along the route!…

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