The 10 most “racer” liveries of 4-wheel competition

Some of them you only need to see once to fall in love, others amazed us and perhaps made us smile and we’ll never forget them, still others are so engraved in our imagination that we ourselves have taken inspiration from them to personalise the gems we keep in our garage: the liveries of the great four-wheeled circus, the one that ranges from Formula One to the world of rallying, live in the hearts of all those who are fans of the asphalt. 

For us Aprilia fans, graphics, design, and colours are serious business. The choice was hard: maybe they weren’t always matched with the winning cars, and certainly there are many more “famous” ones, but here are all the “supermodels” that have earned a place in the #bearacer club Top 10 of our favourite “clothes” of that crazy “red carpet” which is the race track. Let’s jump on the saddle, open the throttle, and launch ourselves to discover the list of our favourite liveries of the world of four wheels…

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