RS 660: the first owners speak!

The wait is over! The first proud owners of the Aprilia RS 660 are bringing home their new bikes and we can’t wait to hear their impressions!

Very soon, while whizzing along the roads and tracks of the world, we’ll get used to coming across the unmistakable silhouette of the RS headlight, but now it’s time to welcome our new friends to the community and let them tell us about their more or less brief experience with the forerunner of the new Aprilia 660 era!
We’ve already read and seen hundreds of media test reports, but for us real-world racers, no words hold more value than those of the people who have chosen to make the RS 660 their constant companion of adventure.

So here’s our idea: to create together, a little at a time, our “community review” by #bearacer club!
To get started, we contacted three of the first Italian owners of the RS 660

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