Let’s hit the track: the circuits for our track days

Finally, the global scenario seems to be nearing a return to normality, a normality that for us Racers means getting back on our Aprilias, opening the throttle and savouring the adrenaline of the asphalt that whizzes by just a few centimetres away, challenging gravity and the stopwatch. And there’s no better place to experience these emotions than an awesome track where we can put our skills to the test, perhaps along with some friends, for a day at full speed and in complete safety. To have fun, then, you don’t necessarily need to jump onto a MotoGP track. On the contrary, less famous or extensive tracks can often give us all the excitement we’re looking for, at affordable prices.

Italy and the Old Continent offer lots of excellent possibilities, between historic tracks and new circuits, but for a true racer, passion has no boundaries. Between bends, straights, chicanes and even jumps, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

So suit up, visor down, and let’s discover our favourite circuits in the four corners of the globe, from Europe to Asia, from America to Australia. Start your engines and get ready to hit the track at your favourite circuits for the #bearacer club track days…

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