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Gaming like a racer: the best console games of summer 2020!

Holiday time, time to relax, maybe to lounge under a beach umbrella? Not for us of #bearacer club! Leaving behind work, school, and other commitments, summer is a great time to grab a joypad and, in the breaks between one bend and another, unleash ourselves in a thousand battles on our favourite video games, training our reflexes, our ability to react to unpredictable situations, and keeping a cool head. Just like Francisco Santiago Marín, aka EleGhosT555, and Joel Pedrosa, aka Joel_Clay, respectively the official rider and reserve of the Aprilia Racing eSports Team in the 2020 MotoGP eSport Championship. Between hellish monsters, races with two-wheeled cannonballs, ninja and samurai combat, no more console wars: here in #bearacer Club there’s no place for clashes between “Xboxers” and “PSers” but only for great players and aspiring great players. Warm up your fingers and let the game begin

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