A dream called Aprilia Pegaso: “the flying Mythos”

There are those who still directly associate the name “Aprilia” with the Latin expression Venus Aprilia (Venus Fertilises) – Venus being the patron saint of rebirth and prosperity – but we racers know that the real story is a little different: the founder of our brand had a soft spot for the Lancia Aprilia, so the company, which then produced bicycles, took its name from this popular pre-war car. In the “pantheon” of Noale bikes, however, there is certainly no lack of mythology, so much so, that among these legendary creatures there is one still capable of climbing Mount Olympus in a single leap to thrill the gods of ancient Greece: a winged horse that goes by the name of Pegaso!

Nowadays, we bikers are used to the so-called crossover, a bike with enduro setup with a 19” or even 17” front rim, but 30 years ago, in 1990, when Aprilia presented the first Pegaso 600, with 19” front wheel and 17” rear wheel, it meant taking a completely new path, one that would shape the future of the motorcycle market…

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