A Tuono at the TT and Macao: the odd story

As we examine stories and anecdotes on the world of races, “odd” is the adjective that we are all looking for: what we know will hold more surprises and more fun in store for us. The problem is that when we talk about Aprilia Tuono Racing, almost nothing normal exists.
When the first Tuono was presented in 2002, racing with a naked bike was already a fairly unusual idea in itself. As if that was not enough, Tuono seemed to have been created precisely to mock all the rules, whether they were those of the market or of the races. In short, hundreds of odd sports stories regarding Tuono exist, but we dare you to find one able to beat this one. How many of you know that in 2004 an Italian rider took a Tuono to race and gain a well-deserved place at the Tourist Trophy and at the Macao Grand Prix?

That rider is Giorgio Cantalupo. In over 35 years of races he took part in almost every type of discipline, getting excellent results in some of the world’s most famous motorcycle races: from hillclimb (1st in the 1988 Italian Championship) to the Daytona 200 (3rd in 1991), from the Suzuka 8 hours to the European and Italian SBK Championship (2nd in 1998), from the Italian Naked Championship (1st in 2002) to the Europe Endurance Classic (1st in 2019) passing by Bol d’Or and Ulster GP, also becoming one of the few Italians to be able to boast 3 presences at the TT on the Isle of Man and one at the Grand Prix of Macao.
As short as it may have been, his sports adventure with Aprilia Tuono that lasted just one season left its mark. We caught up with him to have him tell us why…

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