5 must-have songs for your playlist

There are times when, with your head nestled in a helmet and your eyes fixed on the tarmac, every muscle in your body and every part of your bike is perfectly attuned to the rhythm of the bends in the road. It almost seems as if the road is a music score skilfully composed by a road engineer with a propensity for a bit of rock here, a bit of electronic music there and so on. When at last that melody get to your ears and turns into a song that you know, everything is suddenly perfect.

However, the power of music is much greater than that. Olympic gold medallist Michael Phelps (23), arguably the greatest swimmer of all time, is also renowned for always wearing his trademark earphones through which he listens to Eminem at full volume (as stated during an interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine) to give himself the necessary boost just before an important race. Getting back to two wheels, on the MotoGP starting grid it’s easy to spot any number of musical rituals being played out. Like what, you ask? Well, our very own Aleix Espargarò would never be without his earphones while waiting for the green light.